Unofficial Upgrade for Microsoft® Windows® Vista and XP Released by Extensoft

Extensions for Windows® provides the ‘missing link’ by enhancing computer operating system’s functionality through advanced features

Seattle, Washington – September 3, 2008 - In an answer to the market's demand for a better, more user-friendly Microsoft® Windows®, Extensoft announced today the release of its Extensions for Windows - a product that significantly broadens the functionality of both Windows XP and Vista. Extensions for Windows is the first community driven, modular upgrade for Windows XP and Vista and contains a number of new features Windows users have desired as part of the operating system.

When the initial news of the Extensions for Windows product was leaked in the form of a video to YouTube by one of the Beta testers, it was seen by over half a million viewers - many mistakenly assuming the product was the next version of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 7.

Extensions for Windows provides a variety of useful functions that will solve many of the shortcomings in Windows. At a time when Microsoft has been reported to be spending $300 million on a new advertising campaign featuring Jerry Seinfeld, Extensoft is working to provide new features that help to enhance the Windows Vista and Ultimate experience. Extensions for Windows also provides a great alternative for Windows XP users still unconvinced about switching to Vista.

“Extensions for Windows is meant to enhance the typical Windows user’s experience,” says Eugene Zvyagintsev, Product Manager for the Extensions. “One of our primary goals is to work with the Windows user community and act on their behalf, bringing more features, usability and value to the operating system that so many of us use every day.”

Extensions for Windows gives users many new features, applications and improvements that typically cost between $20 and $100 each, while providing consistent interface and seamless integration with Windows. The Extensions features include:

• Screen Capture and Desktop Recorder - extends the Print Screen key functionality to capture screenshots and live demos to a file, email or printer.

• Extended Windows Explorer – enhances the Windows Explorer with a two-panel file manager and ability to group multiple folders.

• FTP & SFTP Locations – extends "My Computer" with simplified connectivity to Website hosts for uploading images, blogs and programs.

• Keyboard Shortcuts Manager - extends "My Computer" with convenient keyboard shortcut management.

• Image and Document Converters – converts variety of document and image formats, including image resizing.

• PDF Converter – converts printable documents to Adobe® PDF format.

• Disk Usage Analyzer – helps manage and organize computer disk space by locating large files and folders.

• Search & Replace – provides advanced file search with ability to replace text in text files.

• File Comparer – compares text files side by side

Extensions for Windows provides a management console from which extensions can be downloaded, installed, and managed. The current version includes 13 separate extensions, each of which can be installed or disabled at any time. Two additional extensions are planned by end of the year, with more to follow.

Extensions for Windows is priced at $49.95 per user and is now offering a free 60-day trial at the company’s website at A free, ad-supported version is also planned. Extension for Windows works with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 2000.

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